What is the Environmental Wellness Skill?

The Environmental Wellbeing skill is available to all users using the V3 + app (available with the V3 + Base Kit and Intelligent Air Conditioning Control).

It offers information about internal and external quality of housing and suggests how to improve the home climate.

In addition to the indoor climate, which depends on multiple factors such as temperature and humidity, tado ° uses information on the air quality outside your home to help you understand when the time is right to ventilate your home.

This card shows how fresh the air is at home; in addition, it also offers an overview of the air quality outside your home and pollen levels.

This information helps identify the best time to ventilate your home.

This sheet shows the current concentration of the six most important elements responsible for air pollution: fine and inhalable dust, ozone, nitrogen dioxide, carbon monoxide and sulfur dioxide. High concentrations of these pollutants in the air, for an extended period, can have negative effects on health .

The overall air quality index is shown at the bottom of the page. A high index corresponds to a better quality of outdoor air. Consequently, if a high value is reported on this scale, it is a good time to aerate the house, if, on the other hand, a low value is reported, it is advisable to keep the windows closed.

This tab shows the current pollen level and its forecast for the next two days. Those with allergies can monitor pollen levels from grasses and trees and prepare accordingly.

For each room that has a tado ° device it is also possible to know the specific comfort level, indicated by the wording in the upper right corner and the position of the white dot in the graphic placed in the middle of the room page. When the room’s climate is ideal, the state is indicated as Pleasant and the white dot is placed in the center of the graph .

tado ° detects the temperature and humidity level of the environment and establishes the comfort values ​​based on standard international parameters for indoor thermal conditions. The standard also takes into account the adaptive comfort in the different seasons, which is why we can note the differences in values ​​ideal for comfort between the winter and summer seasons. tado ° also indicates if the environment is too humid or dry and warns if there is a risk of mold or disease.