Special Textures in Coloured Pencil

9am - 2pm, 27 - 28 September 2014.

Pearce Community Centre, Pearce, A.C.T.

 Bower Birds -Expecting company

Bower Birds -Expecting company

 Rock Wallaby Juniors history lesson

Rock Wallaby Juniors history lesson

Learn how to create some of these interesting textures and effects that can make your artwork more interesting and alive.

Over the two days Janet will step everyone through many different techniques to create eight different textures and effects, which will be useful in many different subjects.

Each student will end up with a folio of visual notes and written ‘formulas’ for each of these special textures.

Janet will supply the reference materials for the workshop.


Janet will cover the following textures for use in botanical and wildlife artwork:

Fur- get the basic steps to create long and short fur- making it look thick and luscious.

Bark- Wood grain patterns vary on all different pieces of bark and wood, Janet will show you how to use different techniques in different layers to create any type of bark texture.

Gravel- instead of drawing each stone individually, Janet has created faster methods to make the fine grain up to the bigger stoned gravel.

Shiny objects- there is a specific formula for making something shiny, not just the amount of pencil to layer.

Water Droplets- a very complex look but has a very simple formula. Janet will show you how to make them round and transparent.

Scratches on beaks etc- Not all beaks and bills are pristine, many look quite battle weary- learn how to simply make these marks happen.

Footprints in the sand- as an extra effect for beach scenes or water birds, learn how to make these indentations and keep them ‘sandy’ looking.

Metallic colours- Silver, gold, and bronze. Learn how to not only create these colours and make then glow- but also how to use your pre mixed metallic pencils.

Janet Matthews - Colour Pencil, Graphite and Wildlife Artist,

mobile:    0418 546 554

email:  janet@janetmatthews.com.au

web site:  www.janetmatthews.com.au

Register now to secure a place in this workshop: contact Julia Landford email: ajlandford@gmail.com