Sponsoring WABA

WABA is a non profit community arts group, providing a structure where artists can meet to support and encourage each other, provide instruction and friendship, and forge links between differing abilities and interests.

As a group, WABA has a common interest in flora and fauna as important sources of inspiration for art. We acknowledge and encourage diversity in style, subject matter, and interpretation. The group seeks to build bridges between art and science, feeling that properly valuing our natural environment is key to the growth and sustainability of our society, and that both art and science must play a part in engaging the broader community. Through promotion of the group and its philosophies and activities, WABA hopes to advance an appreciation of our natural heritage within the community.

WABA relies on the generous support of sponsors to present exhibitions of original artworks, deliver public presentations with guest speakers and to offer a range of workshops and field trips for artists. In return for their sponsorship of WABA activities, sponsors enjoy unique access to WABA diverse and skilled artists for projects of mutual interest. WABA acknowledges all sponsors on our website, at special events and in related advertising material.

If you would like to consider sponsoring WABA, we invite you to contact us.