Weekend Workshop 

With Artist Joanne Barby 

10am to 4pm

In the Nelligen Hall

Saturday the 8th and Sunday the 9th of November 2014

Exploring techniques, PanPastels, subject matters, learning to “SEE” your subject colours and having fun!


  • A brief introduction
  • We will touch on reference material, inspiration and finding character/personality in a subject.  Getting everyone excited and inspired to start, squashing any fears and getting to know everyone through discussion.
  • Then straight into quick demo by me, whilst discussing my process, including topics like:
    • Working off my Ipad, I have hundreds of images on there ready to go.
    • We will talk about PanPastels and why I love them!
    • The joy of working with bright colours and how this affects your mood!
    • And finally papers, their tooth for pastel and what surfaces to work on. 

Then for some fun, quick, large, warm up exercises.  Jumping into colourful playtime with PanPastels!  Letting go of fear and just let loose! 

Saturday Afternoon

Working off the same reference, step-by-step I will take you through:

  • Firstly composition, drawing and measuring tips.
  • Getting correct placement of the subjects eyes, etc


  • Secondly we will roughly put down blocks of colour. Squint your eyes and look for colours, then depth and tones.  It doesn’t have to be actually right or what your brain is telling you it should be, just go with it, have fun!  
  • We will talk over the different shaped PanPastel Tools and what different markings and effects they make.
  • Adding highlights to bring the picture to life, with a Pastel stick or Pastel Pencil.
  • Creating a flow to the picture, make the viewers eye be drawn around the picture.  For example, in the above picture from beak to the eye and down around to the neck, all from the flow of the feathers.


  • Again to start: fun, quick, large, warm up exercises.
  • I will encourage you to jump into something new, or if you prefer to continue to work on the same piece, I will show you how to refine all the little details.
  • The next subject can be anything of your choosing a portrait, a still life, etc.  The same principals of the demonstration apply to all subject matters.  
  • Lunch time; we will review anything further you would like to gain from the workshop.
  • Sunday afternoon we will refine each artwork and make sure each person has left with a new understanding of what is possible and a real sense of achievement and inspiration.

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