Quarterly Meeting, Presentation and Workshop Saturday 21 May, 1-3pm, Banks Building, ANBG

Dear Members,

Our next Quarterly Meeting will be a good one, so don't miss out! We will have Megan Spiers as our guest, who is an accomplished local wildlife artist specialising in birds. Megan will be sharing images from her travels and art process in a short presentation, and will follow up with a workshop so you can benefit from her expertise.

If you would like to attend the workshop, please bring the following:

Materials -

1. favourite brushes, at least one small for fine work - I mostly use filberts

2. acrylic paint for monochromatic sketching - I suggest payne's grey, raw / burnt umber or burnt sienna, but members' personal preference is fine

3. water pots and palette or small container

4. watercolour paper pad (eg A3)

5. canvas or canvas board - bring several if members intend to sketch directly onto it.


Hope to see you there!