Painting classes with Lesley Wallington - Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced, July- August 2014

Lesley is holding classes in mixed water media. The classes are run July - August 2014 at M16 art space, work space A, 21 Blaxland crescent, Griffith, ACT, please see details of Beginners/Intermediate and Advanced courses below.

TERM 3,  2014


Beginners and Intermediate

In this class we will work with a number of compatible water based mediums; watercolour, gouache, aquarelle pencil and ink.  Students will learn about the qualities of the mediums and how to use them in combination to produce different effects. The course will follow a series of clearly explained exercises and projects combining aspects of decorative art, still life, landscape and nature studies. This class is suitable for all levels of experience. A materials list will be given in week 1 and some mediums will be available in class.


Course runs 7 weeks, July 9 to August 20, 2014

Wednesday afternoons, 1.30 – 4.30pm

Wednesday evenings,      5.45-8.45pm

Course fee $ 196

For Bookings contact Joy Williams (administrator)   62979627

Lesley Wallington

TERM 3, 2014



These classes will suit students with experience in painting with water media and the ability to research and motivate their own work. Through set projects we will explore different themes, art movements and the work of other artists. There are usually 2 projects each term with 3 weeks to complete each and students generally work on stretched full sheets of watercolour paper. There is some practical instruction on theory and technique along with an emphasis on self directed research and interpretation. In term 3 we will be working with mixed water media.


Course runs 7 weeks,  July 10 to August 21, 2014

Thursday afternoons, 1.30 – 4.30pm

Thursday Evenings,      5.45 – 8.45pm 

Course fee  $ 196

For Bookings contact Joy Williams  (administrator)   62979627

Lesley Wallington