WABA Workshop: Wildlife Drawing with Chris McClelland - 14, 15 June 2014

WABA Workshop: Wildlife Drawing with Chris McClelland

9.30am - 4.30pm Saturday 14 and Sunday 15 June 2014

Building One, Collett Place, Pearce Community Centre, Canberra

Don’t miss out - there are still a couple of places available for this workshop. Please contact Leigh Murray if you are interested by cob Friday 6 June.

Chris McClelland is well known and respected for his unique, fine and intricate pencil drawings of African and Australian wildlife.  He has received many awards in Australia for his extraordinary detailed graphite and coloured pencil wildlife drawings. His work is also exhibited overseas and he has been invited to talk and display his work later this year in the UK.

Chris plans to begin the workshop with the drawing of a simple object in order to study the principals and techniques of using graphite with emphasis on careful gradient of tone and the use of light and shadow to achieve a three dimensional effect on a flat piece of paper, then progress to a pencil drawing of an African elephant from a sketch provided. This exercise will give you good grounding for constructing a drawing or painting and covers nearly every technique of working with pencils.

This wildlife drawing workshop promises to be an exciting and worthwhile weekend, with an opportunity to learn from an experienced wildlife artist.

·       Cost $190 for WABA members, $230 for non-members

·       Morning and afternoon tea provided

·       Please bring your own lunch

·       Materials list provided

Contact: Leigh Murray on (02) 6282 4062 or by email on  ray.leigh@bigpond.com