Invitation to donate artwork for WABA dinner on Friday 16 May

Dear WABA members and friends

Now is the time to start organising your artwork for WABA's dinner and art auction at University House on Friday 16 May at 6pm. 

This dinner is an opportunity to meet the scientists, conservationists and artists involved in wildlife conservation projects around Australia. It would be lovely to see at least a couple of tables of artists enjoying a full buffet dinner and the special presentation by multi-award winning guest speaker David Lindenmeyer! 

This special dinner is also an exciting opportunity to see your original artwork auctioned by a professional auctioneer. Whilst a proportion of proceeds is intended to be donated to a worthy wildlife conservation project (to be announced), WABA is giving artists the opportunity to nominate the proportion of proceeds they wish to retain for themselves. These details will be kept confidential. 

If you wish to donate artwork for the dinner, you will need to complete the details below and send by email to Glenda Shelley at  5pm on Thursday 8 May. Please limit your donations to one piece per person.

Among others, we already have an original painting of Red Winged Parrots donated by Peter Slater; a spectacular signed reproduction print by Jeremy Boot; a large 1.5m framed photograph by Steve Parish; two framed Raoul Slater photographs; a limited edition print of a Coxen’s Fig Parrot from Queensland artist Sally Elmer; original pastel painting of a tiger by Pete Marshall.

To avoid having too many items and losing the audience’s attention, we propose to utilize both live and silent auctions on the same evening. The live auction will be limited to major works including a few smaller items with a very broad appeal to warm the crowd. Artwork on silent auction will be displayed throughout the evening with a corresponding bidding sheet. Bidding can start from a nominated price as suggested by donor artists.

We encourage your participation in the entire evening’s proceedings. Don't forget to book your ticket ($85 per person) to the 3-course buffet dinner at

Auction artwork submission details:

Artist Name and Biography (A short background of yourself and your art)

Title of work (Name of piece donated to auction)

Description (Description of art work) 


Size (Dimension of piece in mm) 

Reason for Donating art work 

Percentage commission on sale price to return to artist (optional)