ROSTER - Wildlife Art @ Discovery Exhibition

Dear fellow artists

What an exciting time! Here is your chance to be truly involved with a fabulous art group and the Wildlife Art @ Discovery exhibition!

Here is the roster for this year’s exhibition and note the days and times that you are available.

I would love all of these days to be filled within the next 2 weeks. I would like to ask you all to consider rostering yourself for a full day, as that will make it easier for everyone involved. However if that is not possible, then a couple of half days would be brilliant. We do need to have 2 people manning the table at a time, so you can have some breaks and in case it gets very busy. The cafe is also very accommodating with very yummy food and great coffee.

This year's exhibition, together with the Symposium, promises to be very exciting and being involved makes it more so. It is a lot of fun manning the table - you get to speak to some very interesting people and you can also bring some drawing that you are working on. I actually sold a print of a piece that I was working on last year and it wasn't even finished!

So PLEASE, PLEASE help us out by calling me on 6236 3328 or email


Di Stockbridge