Opportunity: Botanica at the Royal Botanic Gardens 2014

WABA members are invited to consider putting themselves forward for selection to exhibit in next year's Botanica at the Royal Botanical Gardens, Sydney. This event is acknowledged as one of Australia's leading botanical art exhibitions with many of the invited artists held in exceptional regard not only in Australia but overseas. All works are for sale and the exhibition is an important fundraiser to support the Garden's work.

 PLEASE NOTE: WABA's next national ‘Wildlife Art @ Discovery’ Exhibition is scheduled to take place in Canberra at the CSIRO Discovery Centre during April 2014. WABA will also be hosting an exhibition on threatened and endangered species during 2014. Please give careful, if not priority, consideration to your participation in WABA’s flagship events before taking up external opportunities.  

Botanica's theme for 2014 will be plants and their pollinators. Botanica is introducing a new category of wildlife art to complement the botanical art for which they are so well known. Botanica considers that this is an important and interesting story to tell given the acknowledged decline in pollinator numbers due to pesticides, disease and habitat loss. Botanica will be looking for depictions of smaller pollinators such as bees, beetles, butterflies and small birds rather than megafauna such as possums and bats.

If any WABA members are interested in being selected for invitation to exhibit with Botanica please send

  • some scanned images of your work
  • a short CV of their education and experience in botanical or wildlife art.

to Judy Dunstan, Curator of Botanica


Judy's mobile phone number is 0407 234 223.