Retail opportunity: your artwork at National Arboretum, Conservation Council, Floriade

Dear WABA Members,

You are once again warmly welcomed to contribute images and original artworks of wildlife and botanical subjects for sale in Canberra venues.

In addition to the ongoing National Arboretum project, the new Conservation Council ACT office and the upcoming Floriade shop are now interested in carrying WABA members’ artwork.

If you would like to take advantage of these opportunities to sell cards/ prints/ bookmarks, please send your images to Cheryl Hodges by Friday 23 August. You may do this via Dropbox; email; or CD posted to PO Box 2020, Woden, ACT, 2902.

If you would like to take advantage of the opportunity to sell original artworks at the National Arboretum or the newly opened Conservation Council office, please contact Leigh Murray as soon as possible.

These (Arboretum, Conservation Council, Floriade) opportunities are for all WABA members including:

WABA’s first consignment of cards/prints/ bookmarks went on sale at the National Arboretum on 3 June. Following the second sales review on 30 July, the WABA Inc Project Committee is delighted to announce successful sales as follows:

37% Cards

67% Bookmarks

28% Prints

Bright colours, locally available and endangered wildlife and botanical subjects appear to be most favoured in current venues.

Please note: individual artists do not need to contribute anything more than high quality images of their artworks (300dpi in JPEG or TIF format). The WABA Project Committee volunteers contribute time and expertise to manage images, print, mount, package and deliver reproductions. As soon as the Arboretum confirms installation of picture hangers, the Project team will also deliver original artworks to the Arboretum. The Conservation Council is ready to receive original artworks.

WABA meets all production costs up-front. Artists are paid for their items once they are sold. Sales accounting is currently performed on a monthly basis.

If you would like to review the full terms and conditions, please contact Leigh Murray at  

Best wishes for successful sales.

The WABA Project Committee