Are you having trouble reading WABA emails because the font size is too small?

It has come to our attention that some WABA members are having difficulty reading WABA's automated emails, due to the font size of messages.

Here are two suggestions that you might find useful:  

1. Open the WABA message then click on 'View' in your tool bar. Select 'Zoom'/ 'Zoom In' from the drop-down menu. Continue to Zoom until the font size on your screen increases to a comfortable size. 

2. Bookmark the link to the Notice Board on WABA's website (where the font size is typically larger) and use it to check in from time to time. Notifications in the automated email service are identical to those on the Notice Board (although often abbreviated).  

To help us continually improve our website and email services, please feel free to share any more suggestions or feedback with the WABA Committee.

Happy reading!