WABA's first consignment of Cards, Prints and Bookmarks on Sale Now at the National Arboretum in Canberra

The WABA Inc Project Committee is delighted to announce that WABA’s first consignment (of wildlife and botanical cards, prints and bookmarks) was successfully delivered to the Arboretum today (3 June) and is now on sale in the Arboretum Shop.

Thank you to all WABA members who contributed to this project, which holds tri-fold promise for individual artists, WABA and the Arboretum. We wish you all the very best success for in-store sales!

The Project Committee is proud to report that:

  • 100% of local and interstate artists who supplied images of their work for the first round are now represented at the Arboretum Shop with at least one bookmark, card or print.
  • The first consignment constitutes 11 prints, 24 bookmarks and 128 cards, each of which acknowledge individual artists.
  • In keeping with WABA's unique variety, approximately 50% of artwork in the first consignment represents wildlife subject matter and approximately 50% represents botanical subject matter.
  • The Arboretum is keen to accept a rotating display of original artwork from WABA members in July 2013 (when suitable picture hangers are expected to be installed).

The WABA Project Committee will soon be contacting all existing contributors to this project with payment and a sample of their print/ card/ bookmark.

To all WABA members who have not yet contributed to the project, you are warmly invited to submit your artwork for the next round. This is an ongoing project for all WABA members including:

  • local and interstate members
  • emerging, mid-career and professional artists
  • artists with an interest in either wildlife or botanical subject matter (or both)
  • artists who are interested in selling cards/prints/ bookmarks or original artwork (or both).

The WABA Project Committee volunteers their time and expertise to manage images, print, mount, package and deliver reproductions and original artworks to the National Arboretum on behalf of WABA members. Once the upfront printing/ packaging and consignment costs have been met by WABA, individual artists receive the balance of proceeds. If you would like to review the full terms and conditions, please contact Leigh Murray at ray.leigh@bigpond.com

To maximize your opportunity to have your work selected for the project, please note the following:

At this time, bright colours and locally available wildlife and botanical subjects are most popular among visitors to the Arboretum (and for this reason, favoured by the Arboretum Store managers).

For cards, prints or bookmarks you need to supply images of your artwork (minimum 300dpi in JPEG or TIF format). You may do this via Dropbox; email; or CD posted to PO Box 2020, Woden, ACT, 2902. For any queries, contact Cheryl Hodges cheryl@cherylhodges.com

For original artwork you need to supply an image of your completed artwork together with your price, medium, size and title. All artwork must be framed and ready to hang. Insurance remains the responsibility of individual artists. For any queries, please contact Leigh Murray ray.leigh@bigpond.com

We look forward to hearing from all WABA members soon and look forward to reporting more good news.

The Project Committee 

From left: Leigh Murray, Glenda Shelley, Justine (Arboretum) and Cheryl Hodges during hand over of the first consignment of WABA members' work on 3 July 2013. 

A sample of WABA members' artwork in the first consignment- printed on high quality card stock, mounted and enclosed in cellophane wrap. 

Some members of the WABA Inc Project Committee at the National Arboretum after handover. From left: Leigh Murray (Project Manager), Glenda Shelley (Public Officer), Natalie Maras (Communications), Cheryl Hodges (Designer).