Dry Brush Techniques Workshop: 29 & 30 June

Canberra Institute of Botanical Art will be running a workshop on Dry Brush Techniques for both experienced artists and those who are not familiar with these techniques.  DBT are used during the final stage of the painting after a number of washes have been done.  The tutor, Dianne Emery, will demonstrate how to transform a flat painting into a 3D image.  Dianne is planning to work on a few small subjects each of which demands a different approach, for example berries, rose hips, seedpods, tulip petals, strappy leaves and shiny leaves.  No doubt, these techniques can also be used by wildlife artists.  Details of the workshop are:

Date:    Weekend 29 & 30 June

Venue:    Crosbie Morrison Building, Botanic Gardens

Time:    9.30 am - 4.00 pm

Cost:    $230

Contact:   Nilavan Adams on 62543989 or at cibaworkshops@hotmail.com

Corylus avellana - Hazelnuts by Dianne Emery (original image has been cropped)