Sarah's Scraggs' film - Birdman: The Art of William T. Cooper

Hello all,

The day has come or is coming very soon for the national screening of my film

Birdman: The Art of William T. Cooper
screens Tuesday, June 10 at 10pm on ABC 1

This is the film I have been working on for the last year or two and it is finally making it to the big screen.  It will also be on iView after the broadcast so if you want to have a look and don't want stay up late at night, please check it out online.  The more hits I get the better it rates as a film.

There is a promo page here on the ABC website with a little snippet from the film and also a place you can leave comments .... so if you feel inclined please write a comment such as .... Can't wait for this one!!  Looks fascinating!!  etc etc. it all helps.

I hope you enjoy it if you get to see it, Bill is truly an amazing artist.

Sarah Scragg