Linda Weil- Introduction to watercolour pencils

On 18-19 May, Linda Weil will present a workshop on watercolour pencil techniques for wildlife and botanical artists. 

Linda was born in California in 1955, and migrated to Australia in 1972. She writes ‘Art and drawing have always been my main interest, as well as camping, bushwalking and bird watching. I studied Graphic Design at the Royal Melbourne Instutute of Technology (Diploma of Arts) and have worked as a Graphic Illustrator and Designer for over 20 years. My main employment in the 1980’s and 90’s was in the magazine and print media. As Art Director for Your Garden Magazine and New Idea Magazine I had the opportunity to create illustrative work in a variety of mediums, both traditional and electronic.’

This multi-award winning artists has enjoyed two artist residencies on Fraser Island and has published several works on drawing and electronic/ digital illustrations. 

Venue: Hughes Community Centre, Room 3

Time: 9.30am- 4.30pm

Member fees (for 2 days): $150